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Facultatea de Inginerie
Universitatea "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu


Program de DOCTORAT

Program de Doctorat (3-4 ani, cu frecvenţă, cu bursă)

Aprobat prin Ord. Ministrului nr. 5288/28.12.2001; reconfirmat prin Ord. Ministrului M.Ed.C.T. nr. 1805/20.08.2007

Programul de doctorat se va desfasura sub conducerea d-lui prof. univ. dr. ing. Lucian VINTAN, in principal in "Laboratorul de cercetare pentru arhitecturi avansate de procesare a informatiei" din cadrul Universitatii "Lucian Blaga" Sibiu - a se vedea Diplomele de doctorat vor fi eliberate de Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca (Ordinul Ministrului MEdCTS nr. 3499/12.03.2012), universitate clasificată ca fiind de “cercetare avansată și educație” (A).


  • Calculatoare si tehnologia informatiei 

Posibilităţi de colaborare sau/si cotutela internaţională (Siemens AG CT IC Munchen, Augsburg University-Germania, University of Hertfordshire-Anglia, UPC-Barcelona,  Delft University etc.)

(January 2011)
The Computer Engineering PhD Program at the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Romania, is led by Professor Lucian N. VINTAN, PhD, member of the Academy of Technical Sciences from Romania ( and European Commission Expert in Computing Systems field.
The doctoral studies and researches are integrated in the Advanced Computer Architecture & Processing Systems (ACAPS) Research Centre led by Professor VINTAN, too - see The ACAPS Centre offered good research equipments for the PhD students, including High Performance Computing facilities containing 14 Intel Compute nodes (2 processor HS21 blades with quad-core Intel Xeon) and 2 Cell Compute nodes (2 processor QS22 blades with IBM PowerXCell 8i Processor).
At this moment (January 2011) 5 PhD students are working to their PhD theses. Two former PhD students already obtained the PhD title. Their work was supervised by Prof. L. VINTAN in collaboration with Siemens AG CT IC Munich (Prof. Hartmut Raffler, Vice-President) and, respectively with University of Augsburg (Prof. T. Ungerer, PhD). The main current PhD projects are focusing on the following scientific topics:
  • Anticipatory Techniques in Advanced Processor Architectures (Selective Dynamic Instruction Reuse ad Value Prediction)
  • Multi-objective Automatic Design Space Exploration Framework for Multicore / Manycore Systems Optimizations
  • Optimizing Application Mapping Algorithms for Network on Chip (NoCs) through a Unified Framework
  • Adaptive Meta-Classifiers and Clustering Algorithms for Text Documents
  • Optimal Computer Architecture for CFD calculation (Parallel Processing Methods and Techniques)
The Advanced Computer Architecture topics researched through this PhD frame are very important taking into account the emerging multicore and manycore systems. Industry is especially interested in efficiently using these new architectures. Optimizing these extremely complex systems from a multi-objective point of view (performance, energy, complexity, etc.) is a hot objective, approached by many researchers, from both academia and industry. In order to do this, advanced heuristic methods were developed and implemented by our PhD students and ACAPS staff (for example evolutionary algorithms).
In the context of parallel programming, optimally (energy/performance) placing the concurrent threads on the NoC's tiles, is a very useful and challenging aim. Interesting complex software tools and researches were developed in this area, too. In order to successfully implement all these objectives we are approaching them through an interdisciplinary methodology, applying and adapting some Machine Learning Techniques to these Computer Architecture challenges.
Developing and implementing complex techniques to automatically classify and cluster text-documents belonging to the Internet is another important PhD research topic that continues a former PhD that was developed with significant industrial support (Siemens Munich). We already improved the results obtained through the first PhD focused on this topic.
A detailed PPT presentation of all these research projects could be found at Also a detailed ACAPS Centre auto-evaluation report is available at .
In order to develop these works we are strongly cooperating with the Chair of Systems and Networking Institute of Computer Science, University of Augsburg, Germany (Professor Theo Ungerer, PhD) that already offered, for two of our PhD students, research grants for a 5 months period. During this period, both our PhD students worked hard to develop their research ideas together with some German PhD students. Also we cooperate with Politecnica di Milan (Professor Cristina Silvano, PhD) that offered to one of our former PhD student a 6 weeks research visit at Milan. Due to the fact that Professor VINTAN is a FP7 HiPEAC Nework of Excellence reviewer, our PhD students and ACSAC staff are concretely benefiting through grants, research visits and other professional facilities.
The PhD students from ACAPS published valuable joint-papers in cooperation with all the foreign scientific collaborators. In 2010, one of our PhD students, received the Best PhD Paper Award from the 9-th IEEE RoEduNet International Conference.
Some of the published PhD papers developed under ACAPS Center umbrella could be found at the following addresses: